Earthquake Brace+Bolt

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Contractor Terms Of Use


These Contractor Terms of Use are part of the Terms of Use ("Terms") for the Brace + Bolt programs and apply only to contractors who want to be on the list of contractors that have successfully completed the education modules referred to in Section 5 of the Rules for the CEA Brace + Bolt Program ("CEA BB").


Words used in these Contractor Terms of Use that are defined in the Rules have those same meanings in these Contractor Terms of Use.

Education Modules and Contractors

The Brace + Bolt programs provide a series of education modules on its website that you and the general public, including Participating Policyholders, can access to learn more about seismic retrofitting.  Contractors who successfully complete the modules have the option of being listed on the Contractor Directory by meeting the requirements of these Contractor Terms of Use.  The inclusion of a contractor on the Contractor Directory is not a recommendation or an endorsement by the programs of that contractor, the contractor's understanding of construction work, or the contractor's ability to perform quality and code-compliant construction work.


A contractor who successfully completes all of the education modules and who is a California-licensed contractor in good standing has the option of being included in the Contractor Directory on the CEA BB website. The Contractor Directory allows users to search for contractors by ZIP Code. In order to register with Brace + Bolt and be included in our Contractor Directory, you must:

  1. review all of the education modules and successfully answer all of the quizzes at the end of each of those modules; and
  2. be a California-licensed contractor in good standing and have that standing accurately reflected on the California Contractors State License Board website.

Your registration and inclusion as a contractor in our Contractor Directory is at all times in our sole discretion and contingent on your compliance with our Terms. If you do not wish to be included on the Contractor Directory, you will be given the opportunity to opt out.

Contractors who are included on the Contractor Directory may use language in their marketing and sales materials indicating their successful completion of the education modules. In no instance and under no circumstances may a Contractor use language indicating "approval", "endorsement", "qualified" or "referred" by the program in marketing and sales materials.

You agree that CEA BB will have no liability or responsibility for any work bid or performed by you.

You also confirm that you:

  1. are a licensed contractor in the State of California in good standing and that your information is updated and accurate on the State Contractor's website;
  2. have provided accurate information to CEA BB regarding your qualifications, licenses, and contact information, and that you will promptly update CEA BB with any changes to your information;
  3. have reviewed the FEMA education modules and have successfully passed the quizzes required by CEA BB.
  4. agree that CEA BB is not endorsing, qualifying or referring you to anyone;
  5. agree that CEA BB may include your contact information in its Contractor Directory unless you do not qualify or you opt out;
  6. agree to facilitate inspection by CEA BB or its special inspectors of any House that you are working on in the CEA Brace + Bolt Program or the Earthquake Brace + Bolt Program and you agree that CEA BB may collect, maintain and use any pictures, statements, drawings, figures, or other data relating to your retrofit work on such a House; and
  7. agree that CEA BB is not responsible, and shall have no liability, for determining whether to perform any retrofit work on any House for any interactions you may have with a Participating Policyholder, or for any actual performance of any retrofit work by you.

If you fail to satisfy any of these requirements or any other provision of the Terms, your account and your inclusion on the Contractor Directory may be restricted, suspended or terminated.

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