Earthquake Brace+Bolt

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CEA BB was created to provide incentives to qualified CEA Policyholders to seismically retrofit wood-frame residential structures. An engineered solution is required for qualifying houses with cripple walls that exceed 4 feet in height or:

(a) Have a lateral-force-resisting system using poles or columns embedded in the ground;

(b) Exceed three stories in height or is a three-story house with cripple wall studs exceeding 14 inches in height;

(c) Are constructed in whole or in part on concrete slab(s) on grade; or

(d) Are classified by the local building department as a house required to be retrofit with plans prepared by a design professional.

California-licensed civil and structural engineers who do residential work are encouraged to join the Directory for free.


Also, this is where we direct homeowners to verify that they are licensed,

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